Counseling: Middle School

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The Parent Project

This is a 10-week class that offers concrete, no-nonsense solutions to the toughest parenting questions. It is appropriate for parents or guardians of teens ages 11-19, but specifically for those who have teens struggling with behavior issues such as truancy, arguing, lying, poor grades, or using drugs and/or alcohol.

Why Try

This is a 10-week class that coincides with the parenting class and answers the question, "Why should I try in school?" Geared and developed for teens, 11-19, this course has produced favorable outcomes in such areas as:

  • Increased GPA and graduation rates
  • Increased school attendance
  • Reduction in disruptive behavior
  • Improved self-concept & emotional health
  • Increased resilience to difficult situations

Sensory Pattern Questionnaire

Drug Abuse, Effects, and Treatment