Summer School Programs

Summer School: June 3 - June 27

Registration for the ESC 2019 Summer School will open on June 3, 2019, and close on June 27, 2019. Classes are fully accredited, allowing high school students to recover missing credits.* If you are interested in having your child attend our 4-week summer school, please complete the registration form below.


*We work with local school districts, but final credit approval requires district approval.


Step 1:

Before registering, you must read the Summer School Handbook. The Summer School Student Code of Conduct is an abridged version of our Student Code of Conduct(full year). Students and parents are expected to be familiar with the content of both. Both the Handbook and Student Code of Conduct are in effect currently, even if back-dated.


Step 2:

Download the Emergency Medical Form. Please send this to the ESC prior to the first day of summer school. You will have the option of uploading the document during the registration process.


Step 3: (Read payment information BEFORE registering)


High School: Register using our online registration system.


PAYMENT NOTICE: You may pay by credit card, but only online. There is a $7.00 processing fee charged by the processing company. If you do not wish to pay by credit card, you may pay by check at the ESC Office (597 Hillcrest Ave., Eaton). To do so, register using the online form; however, once the registration form is submitted, do not complete the online payment process. Registration will be recorded, but payment is still due. Payment is due prior to the first day of summer school.